The Digitrade platform provides complete flexibility through seamless integration with all common ERP platforms. The platform comes with built-in APIs that allow you to build up a B2B array with all necessary steps to maintain an advanced ordering matrix. Have you faced a one-of-a-kind challenge? Digitrade will grow and add an API solution for your specific needs, as well as handle any issues that arise in the communication between existing platforms and the built-in capabilities of the digital order management platform.

Digitrade facilitates the development of new applications based on existing connectivity, among other things. Maintain the existing ERP structure and content without making any changes and create a refreshing and friendly looking app: link a name and image to the product in the ERP platform with only a catalog number, create a product order matrix, such as color or size, and make sure the app is branded and designed to your specifications. Our platform provides full connectivity, including the ability to display a hierarchical structure of branches, departments, and products, as well as integrating with an ERP permissions platform and expanding it to achieve a perfect fit for the business with minimal effort and no changes to existing platforms.

The platform is built using industry-standard code technologies such as PHYTON, JAVASCHRIPT, REACT.JS, and NODE.JS, making it simple to implement for any client and situation.

Advanced interface options

Today customers expect more: more speed, more accessibility and greater convenience. Digitrade’s order management platform is developed to provide all wholesale market providers with a suitable solution that is created specifically for them, with a perfect fit for their working styles and the unique issues they face while working with their customers. The order management platform comes with built-in API commands and the ability to connect to other platforms. It is possible to get a full fit for practically every situation and customer with the current instructions. If a new difficulty arises, the API command basket may be expanded on demand to provide a full solution for every client and every challenge, and the platform can even be adapted to the retail market and B2C sales if the need arises.

Easy installation & implementation

Digitrade is a simple solution to adopt and set up for the wholesale market. Any goal can be easily, rapidly, and precisely accomplished using popular and available programming tools. The customers’ implementation of the platform is likewise simple and painless. Because the platform understands how to interact with existing platforms, changes in employee work habits are minimal or non-existent. An order management platform adds a user-friendly and accessible layer that is simple to learn and understand for any user, even without the need for long installation processes. If needed, Digitrade will assist with implementation and will accompany customers all the way through the platform’s full and effective implementation.

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