Digitrade delivers the ultimate solution for businesses and large companies in the cosmetics and beauty sector with an innovative platform for monitoring and coordinating purchasing, sales, distribution, and promotion.
The system was designed to respond appropriately to the needs of the supplier, importer, and manufacturer while focusing on maximum efficiency and significant cost savings across the board.

With countless new products appearing on the shelves every day, the cosmetics and grooming industry is characterized by innovation and dynamism. As a result, there is a real need for the efficient operation of updating various catalogs on a daily basis

Based on a two-year detailed market research that includes dozens of clients, Digitrade has succeeded in developing a dedicated system for the cosmetic and beauty industry.

Digitrade’s digital platform improves the way large businesses and companies in the cosmetics and beauty industries communicate with their customers, while also allowing for greater flexibility and ease of monitoring and operation

Digitrade employs a digital system with sophisticated algorithms to provide clients with the items they need or have previously bought in a timely and convenient way, all while increasing sales with each transaction

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