Frequently asked Questions

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The answer is yes, our system accepts data from ERP and allows it to be modified for display in the customer portal without having to alter it

Yes, our system can communicate with older systems that read and write data via files or REST API

The systems are designed with structure and technology that allows you to work with a large catalog that has up to four layers of categories and sub-categories

The system can support a wide range of products, unique amenities, and personalized trade agreements for each customer

The Digitrade system is also used by companies with several locations, such as chain stores or manufacturing with multiple locations. The system manages the various products that can be ordered by each branch and allows them to submit orders

Customers will want to order through the system since it is simple to use, user-friendly, and improves processes

It is critical to involve salespeople in system-related procedures. While the system will help them substantially with everything linked to orders, consider setting more appropriate sales goals such as: extending variety for each client, handling customer retention, and providing high – quality customer care

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