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The challenge

About Tzipora

Tzipora Flowers began as a small family business selling artificial flowers, plants, and home decor. In order to promote the top products at attractive rates for every budget, the company markets to private stores, retail chains, and stock chain stores. The company’s mission is to provide color to Israeli homes based on audience requests and world trends. The company is noted for its competitive pricing, friendly customer service, and ability to deal with vendors from all over the world.

Broaden the range of products marketed

Tzipora Flowers works with marketing and supply chains to provide added value in the form of product and supply updates on a regular basis. The stock chains are importing new products, but branch managers are hesitant to expand their product lines in order to avoid putting additional strain on the cash register and warehouse management systems due adding new barcodes. The installation of a new barcode into a retail store’s system necessitates a significant amount of tampering with the checkout, and it is preferable to do it without the added strain of receiving the goods at the same time.

Bustan is a nationwide network of stores that mainly sells health and natural items. The company specializes in selling all kinds of natural nuts, ordinary and organic dried fruits, spices, rice and salad mixes, legumes, gluten-free and vegan products, coffee, and more. Bustan works with franchisees and offers items for the wholesale market in addition to the huge chain stores that operate in the retail sector. Apart from large retail chain branches, Bustan also works with franchisees and supplies goods to the wholesale market.

The solution

Reach new markets

By selling online, you have the ability to reach new markets that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. This could include overseas customers or consumers in other parts of the country.

Increased efficiency

Ecommerce allows customers to place orders 24/7, 365 days per year. This increased efficiency can lead to shorter order processing times and fewer missed opportunities due to out-of-hours orders.

Improved customer service

Offering an online shopping portal shows your customers that you care about their convenience and gives them another way to purchase from you. This can improve customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

Create a B2B platform and applications for agents, with the ability of distributing the product catalog in advance to branch managers.

To alleviate the concerns of retail chain and stock store branch managers, we have implemented a system option that allows the updated product catalog to be sent in PDF file format. The branch managers can pick out products from the warehouse inventory even before the goods arrive thanks to the early release of the product catalog.

When branch managers have more time to absorb and process new products, as well as add barcodes for them, they are less hesitant to add stock and expand the range of products they order.

The solution integrates with an existing collecting system, and we’ve incorporated an agent system that works in a transparent and seamless manner with the order management system.

The Action

a catalog that is specifically customized to the needs of the consumer, with the ability to place a complex order.

The advanced technological solution of Digitrade’s system allows communication with both the existing ERP system and the collector system, as well as the newly introduced agent system.

When designing the system for Tzipora Flowers, the focus was on creating a clever, accurate, speedy system with proper structure. In this way, we enhanced client exposure to additional products, while also removing the uncertainty of adding items to the retail offer.

Thanks to the smart interface of an existing collection system and the construction of an agents' app (that also works as an integral part of the entire system), we were able to optimize the systems.

The early distribution of the product catalog to the retail branch managers allowed Digitrade to successfully address concern and eliminate barriers to boosting the supply of items, owing to fears of adding barcodes and tampering with the cash register during stressful moments.

Most users' working methods have stayed largely unchanged because the systems utilized prior to the introduction of Digitrade’s order management system remain the same - both the ERP system and the collector system.

A smart and transparent interface enables for cost savings and efficiency by allowing data to flow smoothly between systems.

A quick and accurate system that is smart and tailored to the company's needs. The ability to send the catalog early via PDF files eliminated a one-of-a-kind challenge for the company.

The Results

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E-Commerce that allows thousands of daily transactions

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Increase in sales working with the Digitrade platform

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Our platform is based on a cloud for unlimited traffic

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