Bustan- Food Industries

The challenge

About Bustan

Bustan is a nationwide network of stores that mainly sells health and natural items. The company specializes in selling all kinds of natural nuts, ordinary and organic dried fruits, spices, rice and salad mixes, legumes, gluten-free and vegan products, coffee, and more. Bustan works with franchisees and offers items for the wholesale market in addition to the huge chain stores that operate in the retail sector. Apart from large retail chain branches, Bustan also works with franchisees and supplies goods to the wholesale market.

Collaborating with branches and franchisees in a new way

Bustan also works with logistics centers, which store the items. The work in the centers is overseen by a collecting system that is only accessible to the chain’s branches. The beginning of collaboration with franchisees necessitated a shift in the work system. The significant challenge in this situation was implementing numerous work processes in front of the branches and franchisees while assuring secure and maintained work processes.

The solution

Reach new markets

By selling online, you have the ability to reach new markets that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. This could include overseas customers or consumers in other parts of the country.

Increased efficiency

Ecommerce allows customers to place orders 24/7, 365 days per year. This increased efficiency can lead to shorter order processing times and fewer missed opportunities due to out-of-hours orders.

Improved customer service

Offering an online shopping portal shows your customers that you care about their convenience and gives them another way to purchase from you. This can improve customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

A franchisee-accessible order management system with extensive privilege management.

The work in front of a collection system in the logistics center is open only to branches. Bustan wanted franchisees to be able to control their own orders, but not have direct access to the logistics center. For this, we created separate franchisee and branch authorization groups, with each group outlining different functions and work procedures that the system permits them to perform.

For example, a group of franchisees acquire access to the order system and manage orders solely through the ERP system. If an entry is made by a branch employee, the work is done in front of the logistics center and collecting system, which includes choices for transferring items from the logistics center to the buyer.

The Action

Different logical systems for branches and franchisees

The Digitrade system's innovative solution allows communication with both the existing ERP system and the Merlog collector system.

Different authorization groups, such as franchisees and branches, can be formed using the Digitrade’s advanced authorization management features. Each authorization group has independent work processes and a different interface that is revealed to them after entering and identifying on the site.

Franchisees, like other customers, can acquire an order management system. An order entered by the franchisee is received in the existing ERP system without connecting to the collector system.

When a person who is licensed and identified with the branches enters, he is given alternatives that are not available to the franchisee. The branches can order the transfer of items from the Marlog to the franchisees or branches by working in front of a collecting system at the logistics center.

With this split option, Bustan works with a single site and has dual functionality based on the user's identification.

Most users' working systems have stayed mostly unchanged, as the ERP and collector systems utilized prior to the introduction of the Digitrade order management system have remained untouched.

A smart and transparent interface enables for cost savings and efficiency by allowing data to flow smoothly between systems.

Depending on the type of connection with the organization, everyone is allowed and capable of performing the work: franchisees manage orders, while branches instruct on making transfers from the logistics center.

The Results

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