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Digitrade began as a B2B e-commerce company in 2015, and has since developed extensive experience and knowledge of all market needs thanks to significant customers in the economy. Today, the business specializes in B2B and B2C solutions, with a focus on ease-of-use and efficiency during the ordering process.

We assembled a team of the greatest engineers and UX designers in the market, invested much in technological development, and developed a trading system whose primary goal is to enhance revenues through optimization.

After an in-depth two year study, we were exposed to the needs of companies to have a B2B & B2C system and thus manage all of the trade points in the organization in an efficient, smart, and technical method.

We have built a high-level professional system specifically for such customers that meets a variety of technological needs and allows for continuous, comfortable, and ongoing work.

Our company is now a market leader in the sector of digital commerce in Israel, and we try to maintain that position by continually learning, enhancing the user experience, and ensuring success.

The professionals at Digitrade focus on site preparation, purchase process, and call-to-action in order to greatly boost sales and the number of transactions processed in the clearing system.

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